Case Analysis

FirstPoint, powered by the Australian Digest, is an online case law research tool that provides citation information, reliable summaries of important cases which makes it easy to find similar and related cases. We have a legally qualified editorial team with Australia-wide expertise working for you. Clear status flags is attached to each case that tells you if a case has been doubted or overturned. FirstPoint saves you time with point-of-law case digest written by our legal team which offers automated reports, and delivers precise and relevant research results.

Unreported Judgments

This easy to use service gives you fast, efficient access to the latest unreported judgments from around Australia, including the High Court, Federal Court, State Supreme Courts and other selected jurisdiction.

Law Report series

Our Australian law reports on Westlaw Asia are the definitive record of judge-made law in Australia. Of the thousands of judgments that are delivered in Australia each year, a percentage of these are deemed significant and selected for reporting.

Reported decisions, particularly those authorised by the courts, are generally the preferred authorities in legal proceedings.

We offer a choice of authorised, specialist, backset, odd volumes and online law reports. We have the correct version of a case to present to court. The Thomson Reuters editorial production team has decades of experience in producing Australia's finest law reports. They work closely on a daily basis with the General Editors of each series and the Judiciary to ensure fast turnaround of accurate judgments and the significant value-adds of a headnote, catchwords and linking.

You can access these law reports and unreported judgments on Westlaw Asia:

  • Australian Tax Reports
  • Victorian Administrative Reports
  • South Australian State Reports
  • Land Titles (Australia) Reports
  • Australian Bankruptcy Cases (New Series)
  • Local Government and Environmental Reports of Australia
  • Federal Court Reports
  • Federal Law Reports
  • Strata Titles Reports (NSW)
  • Gaming and Liquor Decisions
  • Planning and Development Queensland Reports
  • Australian Law Journal Reports
  • Consumer Trader and Tenancy Tribunal Reports (NSW)
  • Australian Capital Territory Law Reports
  • Australian Resources Law Reports
  • Industrial Reports
  • Australian Succession and Trusts Law Reports
  • Dust Diseases and Compensation Reports
  • Unreported GST Cases
  • Commonwealth Law Reports
  • Northern Territory Law Reports
  • Unreported Tax & GST Cases
  • Australian Criminal Reports
  • Tasmanian Reports
  • State Reports (WA)
  • Administrative Appeals Reports
  • Unreported Judgments
  • Lawbook Co's District Court Law Reports (NSW)
  • Banking and Finance Reports of Australia